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I’m extremely curious, never shy, and love a good story.  Because of these traits, I’ve managed to have a lot of unconventional life experiences in a relatively short amount of life lived (so far).



The best hug I’ve ever received was from a Koala named Sergeant.

If you ask me to play the Nirvana Unplugged cover of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” you’ll think I’m an expert guitarist.

If you ask me to play any other song,

you’ll realize I am not.

I spent a summer in Italy studying the film industry and propaganda

under Mussolini’s rule

Like all former child actresses, I’m an addict.  Like all failed actresses, my addiction is obsessing over arthouse cinema.

I worked a 24-hours-straight bartending shift precisely one time. NYC Santacon 2018

Never Forget.

I moved from New York to Mississippi on a dare.  Now my friends refuse to play truth or dare with me.

In sixth grade, I was the only person to wear a costume on “Dress Like A Celebrity Day.  I went as Lady Gaga because “subtlety is boring”.  It didn’t go over well, but now I have literally zero fears (except quicksand.  F*** quicksand).

In 200(?), I entered my first pitch contest.  I placed seventh in the state and received a lifetime supply of the product I chose to sell - Gorilla Glue.  That wasn’t the competition prize, they just sent my family an entire pallet of Gorilla Glue and we haven’t run out yet

I’m a SlythfflePuff- half Slytherin, half Hufflepuff.  There’s a whole twelve of us on record.

I participated in a dance contest against Kate McKinnon

If you’d like to know who won, my contact info is at the bottom of this page.

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