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Mrs. Meyers

Product Line Extension Development and Go-To-Market Strategy


A Case Study

Case Study:


Born out of a mother’s need for hardworking cleaning products made without irritating chemicals, Mrs. Meyers helps homes feel and smell delightful- naturally.  The aromatherapeutic brand has emerged as a leader in the natural cleaning space since facing exponential growth from 2016 to 2020 as consumer demand skyrocketed for earth-friendly household cleaners.


In March 2020, consumers responsible for keeping clean homes reconsidered their choice of cleaning supplies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While Mrs. Meyers develops natural solutions to fight general dirt and grime, they did not offer a disinfectant solution.  Consumers faced a dilemma- which was more harmful to their families: harsh chemicals or COVID-19? 


48% of naturally clean shoppers reintroduced traditional chemical cleaners to their homes during this time- but they were not happy about it.  Frustration grew among these typically-natural consumers as they experienced allergic reactions, respiratory distress, and skin irritation from contact with these traditional cleaners.  While they prioritized measures that reduced the risk of COVID, they were unhappy no disinfectant existed without the reintroduction of harsh chemicals at home.



Position Mrs. Meyers to compete effectively (and win) against traditional disinfectants- while retaining their image as a natural brand.  We took a cue from Fauci and looked to science to do so.  Luckily, we were able to turn to a true expert: a chemist and engineer with decades of experience in CPG development.  Because of side projects developing fireworks and small rockets, our expert also had a background in pollutants- including biological ones.  His ingenious led to the birth of our pragmatic solution.

To successfully launch the first natural disinfectant on a nationwide scale, Mrs. Meyers utilized nature’s best balancing act: Probiotics. 

Probiotics are regulators, healthy bacteria that live naturally in the human body, encourage the growth of good bacteria, and fight off harmful bacteria. Unlike traditional disinfectants, they do this without wiping out 99.9% of microorganisms.  These are essential to the health of a home's microbiome. 


With the Mrs. Meyers Probiotic Surface Cleaner, all you need to do is spray, wait a few minutes for good to break up the evil, and wipe away! Probiotic cleaners don't simply neutralize or mask harmful bacteria.  Essentially, they starve germs to death, including chemical-resistant varieties, eliminating the strain for good.  Studies have shown that probiotic cleaners are potentially more effective against harmful germs than traditional disinfectants. They're all-natural, non-toxic, don't cause skin irritation or trigger migraines, and do all the heavy lifting for you.


Show consumers that a healthy home is one that is balanced, not sterilized, and that Mrs. Meyer’s is the only brand that fights germs without harming your family, the environment, or your five senses.

The Audience:

Mrs. Meyers must communicate the effectiveness of probiotic cleaners to their Covid-conscious audience-  Informed, healthy women, specifically informed, healthy moms.

Why Not Men Too?

Even as attitudes around gender roles and household responsibilities like cleaning progress towards equality, 60% of married women report taking sole responsibility for cleaning their homes.  76% of married women say they take sole responsibility for purchasing household cleanning supplies.  That’s why understanding these ladies is priority #1. Raising a healthy family is her sole motivator- she follows all the latest health food trends and often shops at specialty retailers who supply these products.  She also wants her family to have a planet to live on, well into the future.  Because of this, she cares deeply about the environment and, when possible, will only buy brands that share that belief.


Take advantage of consumer media habits by partnering with Texas mom and HGTV /social media star, Joanna Gaines. 


Joanna strongly supports an all-natural home and regularly engages with the target market.


Focus on education by investing in branded content.  Sponsored articles with clickbait titles and a fun, listicle format can help engage the reader, so they walk away understanding the benefits of probiotics.


Target placement for these pieces on SponCon on high-engagement digital platforms trusted by the target market- i.e., theMomBeat, HappyStrongHome, and Curbed.


Create a targeted social media campaign for Facebook (where Mrs. Meyer's has 750,000 followers) that features short videos showing a comparison of probiotic cleaners vs. chemical disinfectants. 


Engage the community by getting users to share pictures/videos of their Mrs. Meyers naturally balanced household


My Role:

Industry analysis and success barrier identification

Survey design, execution, and analysis

Data analytics - found demographic/psychographic/purchasing behavior information to understand the consumer fully.  Developed a persona that embodied fundamental aspects of Mrs. Meyers's audience.

Analyzed media habits, digital behavior, cultural interests, etc., to suggest the most cost-effective tactics that would resonate strongly with the target audience.

Assessed feasibility of the product/legitimacy of our claims with a legitimate chemist with experience working in development for a large CPG conglomerate

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