Product Line Extension

The Problem

Anxiety regarding Covid-19 germs has caused a surge in  in demand for chemical household cleaners.  Mrs. Meyers currently does not sell a disinfectant, instead they typically focus on natural ways to fight general dirt and grime.

The Opportunity

Exposure to harsh chemicals is still a major pain point among consumers- this indicates that a natural disinfectant could relieve the issue for the consumer, while positioning Mrs. Meyers to be more competitive as the landscape changes.

The Solution

Launch a new, natural germ-fighting cleaner that kills 99.8% of germs naturally.


Mrs. Meyers 

Probiotic Surface Cleaner

The Situation

Key Findings


Eco-friendly, organic, and all-natural cleaners have been trending over the past ~5 years as household safety worries and global warming fears increased.  A leader in the natural space, Mrs. Meyers has exponentially increased- sales of surface cleaner alone increased ~26.75% year over year since 2016. 


Shopping behavior and purchasing patterns during the pandemic appear to be reversing the green-clean shift. 

48% of shoppers that had previously bought natural cleaning solutions (such as Mrs. Meyers) were reverting back.


When surveyed, shoppers stated that the most important criteria when purchasing a cleaning product were the ability to kill bacteria/germs, and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals. This paradoxical relationship have left product development teams at a loss, only satisfying  half of their consumer's needs.  


Currently, consumers are dissatisfied with the options available.  They can choose between a germ-free environment or reducing contact with chemicals.  Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, sales have shifted in support of the former. 

However- Mrs. Meyers can provide both.


To introduce a product competitive with traditional chemical cleaners, but maintains Mrs. Meyer's natural product image 


Probiotic Surface Cleaner

by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

About Probiotics


A brief intro to nature's best balancing act.

  • Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live naturally in the human body.  They're regulators that use live cultures to fight off bad bacteria and encourage the growth of good bacteria.

  • They fight germs naturally without wiping out 99.9% of microorganisms.  These are essential to the health of your home's microbiome  

  •  An unbalanced microbiome has been linked to autoimmune disorders, obesity, and a number of other chronic medical conditions

  • Probiotic cleaners don't simply neutralize or mask harmful bacteria.  Essentially, they starve germs to death, including chemical-resistant varieties, eliminating the strain for good.

  • They're easy to use and don't require brute force to scrub out germs.  Simply spray, wait a few minutes for the probiotics to break down the bad stuff matter, and wipe away 

  •  They're all-natural, non-toxic, and don't cause skin irritation or trigger migraines.

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How do we convince consumers to adopt our new product?

Show consumers that a healthy home is one that is balanced, not sterilized, and that Mrs. Meyer’s is the only brand that fights germs without harming your family, the environment, or your five senses.


The Target Market

The Mrs. Meyers Consumer:

Affluent, Suburban Women

Women are the primary purchasers and users of cleaning products 


Media Habits



Meet Supermom Stephanie:

When she’s not dropping her kids off at soccer practice or squeezing in a workout at Soulcycle, you can find Stephanie at your local Whole Foods. She’s willing to pay more for high end cleaning supplies: products that are safe and reliable for herself, her home, and her family. 

While she might seem a little high-strung, that’s just because she is fiercely protective of those that she cares about.  Stephanie wants the best for the people she loves—in their foods, in their cleaning products, and everywhere else in their daily lives.

Behaviors & Motivations:


  • Raising a healthy family is her #1 priority

  • Follows all the latest health food trends

  • Cares about the environment and will only buy brands that share that belief



Take advantage of consumer media habits by partnering with Texas mom and HGTV /social media star, Joanna Gaines.

Joanna strongly supports an all-natural home and regularly engages with the target market.


Sponsored articles with clickbair titles and a listicle format that educate the reader on the benefits of probiotics.

Target placement on high-engagement digital platforms that are trusted by the target market, such as theMomBeat, HappyStrongHome, and Curbed.


Create a targeted social media campaign for Facebook (where Mrs. Meyer's has 750,000 followers) that features short videos showing a comparison of probiotic cleaners vs. chemical disinfectants.


Engage the community by getting users to share pictures/videos of their Mrs. Meyers naturally balanced household