My mom would warn

me as a  child

that curiosity

killed the cat.


I think the cat just

didn’t ask the

right questions.

My favorite word was “why” growing up.  It’s my favorite word now.  I am obsessed with learning everything anyone is thinking.  . Discovering a new perspective is absolutely invaluable and something I’m always seeking.  


Because of this, I’ve gained a love for feeling awkward and don’t hesitate to leave my comfort zone.  For example- Where to go for undergrad? Well, I’d never spent time with people from the deep south. So, I moved to Ole Miss for a year, kept my ears open, my appetite ready (literally, there was a lot of mac n’ cheese), and learned about life in Mississippi. 


The most wonderful place my dedication to “why?” has led me is here- a CBM at the Brandcenter. I’m eternally grateful for this mindset, as these behaviors are what I owe any talent to.  I do not believe in being afraid to ask what I don’t know.  I’m constantly backtracking my thoughts to push past personal beliefs and evaluate opinions objectively.  I think that problems are solved in the unfamiliar- not by asking people where they’re coming from, but instead by asking where they think they’re going.  


And if you’re stuck with a dilemma, an answer can always be found by                            asking a stranger “why?.”

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